Tesla electric car tested in a tunnel near Las Vegas / New Time


The network has a video in which the Tesla Model 3 accelerates to 204 km / h in an underground tunnel. Instead of a retention runway, the engineers used only the Tesla autopilot.

The company Boring Company has released a video showing two Tesla Model 3 electric vehicles, one of which moves in an underground tunnel near Las Vegas, and the second on the city's common highways.

Without traffic and with a top speed of 204 km / h, the electric car, which was traveling in a tunnel, reached its destination three times faster, writes the Autoblog.

The Boring Company is a Tesla contractor and is responsible for building a road tunnel under the center of Las Vegas. It is reported that the electric car was driving in a tunnel only with the help of an autopilot.

In late 2018, Tesla opened the first car tunnel near Los Angeles, through which it passed the Tesla Model X crossover. Then, additional electric retaining wheels were installed in the electric car, which helped the car to move along the track.

In the tunnel under Las Vegas, developers have managed to reduce cost and simplify the system, but now the autonomous movement of a car at such speed on a narrow underground road can be more dangerous.

Recall that last week in Florida because of a bug in the autopilot system, the driver of the Tesla Model 3. died. A similar fatal case occurred with the Tesla Model S electric car in May 2016.


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