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Sofia Rotaru in a transparent dress wore a perfect figure :: Showbiz ::

Surprised web users. Sophia Rotaru, 71, posted photos on Instagram, demonstrating
beauty without beauty

The actress proved once again that she can give chances
young She published a photo in translucent black
dressed in embroidery, which led to the delight of fans.

The figure of Sofia Rotaru is like a girl. Can see
that the singer has no weight problems. You can envy the smooth skin of the singer. "Beautiful, charming, never fading !!! Look at you, and
the eye rejoices: "A woman who, years ago, is only more beautiful!"
gorgeous, loved, darling, the best, out of age and out of competition ",
"How can you look so good?" – praised the performer

Note about your secrets
Beauty Sofia Rotaru said more than once. For example, to reset urgently
weight, she makes a special diet. Three days a star eats only
rice without salt, three days – vegetables in any form and three days – only fruit. Not
the singer forgets to train and visit the pool.

As they wrote "Days.Ru",
Sofia Rotaru remains very decent and tries to be attractive despite
about health problems. Early
the actress allegedly rediscovered tuberculosis (she was diagnosed with it on 27
years), and she is undergoing chemotherapy. But there are rumors that it is alleged
an invented diagnosis, and the real one is much worse.

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