Slava Kaminska showed exercises on the beach – video


The actress shared her morning load roll with the fans.

Glory Kaminsky. Photo:

Glory Kaminsky. Photo:

Solo duo NEANGELA Slava Kaminska, who recently showed how to get in shape before the holidays, continues to share with fans of life hacking. This time for fans, Slava filmed a video where she appeared on the beach early in the morning.

Kaminskaya showed that despite the cold, she goes out and plays sports. The singer crouches, shakes her legs and stretches.

My morning

"Cool! I remember," "I'll do a complex tomorrow morning," "Class! Glory video followers.

Let's remember, formerly Slava Kaminska told about his new role in the movies. Popular singer gradually changes her role. The actress participated in the shooting of the movie "The Ugly Truth".


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