Slava Kaminska, a member of the NeAngela group, is proud of culinary talents – video


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The singer showed that she did sacrifice a slender figure

The Ukrainian singer and member of the group "NeAngely" Slava Kaminska told about what made her deviate from the principles and sacrifice a slender figure during a trip to Georgia. She wrote about it on an Instagram page.

The actress noticed that she could not help but be tempted by the true khinkali and even attended a master's class in her preparation and of course proved her creation. She showed the video of her own culinary experiences for the fans.

"I swore and vowed that I would eat a salad and even take the form with me for the sport that I waited for, but the reality turned out to be different, even me, with every desire to be in shape, as from morning to night. a lesson to cook the most delicious khinkali and, of course, I had to get rid of them with the help of my own mouth, "she shared her impressions with the subscribers.

Slava also noted that he advises everyone to visit the hospitable Georgia and personally appreciate its beauty as well as traditional cuisine.

Fans of Glory immediately rushed to discuss not only their culinary skills but also, as always, the original outfit – an extravagant and extraordinary fur coat and a shiny mesh cap. They also found those who sincerely wondered how the singer did not help herself in gastronomic pleasures and, at the same time, marveled at slender forms.

"You're lovely! Have a rest and do not worry, everything in Ukraine will come back in the form," "Glory, well, you got excited about the diet settings. Going to a country like Georgia … It's just unreal … There are so many goodies and temptations, "" How can you be in a clever way and at the same time allow sweets? "," That's what it means to grow hands in that place, "commentators commented.

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Recall that in the Ukrainian fashion week of 2019 Slava Kaminska appeared in an elegant image and visited the show of his friend and designer Elvira Hasanova.

By the way, Slava Kaminska caused a commotion by a photoset in his underwear, showing his slender curves.

Earlier, Slava from the group "NeAngely" conquered the network with a snapshot in an extravagant image, collecting a crop of compliments.


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