Sedokova mounted a quad in a swimsuit – video


Ukrainian singer Anna Sedokova caused a stir in the network video, which showed extreme fun.

A semi-naked star in a swimsuit cut speed on a quadricycle, shaking the curvilinear (to watch the video, go to the bottom of the page).

"You're crazy" – a man on the beach shouted at me, but how can he remain normal in this world? Life, with its incredible scenery, every second takes you out of the usual way. And as if for a moment he seemed to understand what is happening, "here is a new turn." So being crazy is the only way to survive, and write it, "she signed under the video.

Rolok Sedokova in a swimsuit caused a different reaction on the social network. Some were delighted and even afraid of the singer. She was also criticized for another demonstration of the body.

"Do not break your underwear," "There's nothing to boast about, except for f *", "You were still naked, a silicone mouse", "Yes, I was very scared", "Almost naked in almost all photos, not just on the beach "," And how cellulite treme ", Ponty is more expensive than money", – responded to the network.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, Sedokova recently came across reviews for advertising glitters for the body. She posted a very candid video on Instagram, which is why the users expressed outrage.

In addition, the singer caused the users of rage free video. She posed in bodysuit and transparent leggings.

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