Sedokov caused controversy in the photo


Outrageous Ukrainian singer, former soloist of the group "VIA Gra" Anna Sedokova spicy shot of animated network.

The star showed her vision of "crown" by sharing the corresponding photo with fans in her Instagram account.

"When you are very interested in hinkalki at the Nello Prize, and you can see it. Often I am asked how to eat and not to fatten The answer is no way Fat and be happy And meet a man 2 times more than you , which will love with all your khachapuri It's time for me to stop, I promise you to go before the month of May (holidays.- Ed.) Mind and I do not eat more at night. "– signed Sedokova.

The opinions of the fans in the comments are divided. Some followers have advised Sedokova to eat less so that the "pride" of the singer, which she constantly puts in the picture, has grown.

"With such … just hinkali and khachapuri in the right way", "Defiantly", "Horror", "Your legs and butt got fat. – wrote users.

Many of the singer's revelations say she does not need to lose weight because the figure looks feminine.

"You do not need to lose weight! Too much juice," "You're beautiful, beautiful, feminine, you do not need to lose weight", "Here's also a" back vision "- well, you too can not beautifully," "I really like of his figure " the fans said.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, Sedokova recently criticized because of a vulgar video where she poses naked with a man.

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