Securitization holder of security tokens raised US $ 12.75 million with the support of Coinbase and Blockchain Capital


Securitize, a blockchain-start-up in the field of security tokens, has announced the closing of a round of funding for the A Series, during which it raised $ 12.75 million, CoinDesk reports.

The round was led by Blockchain Capital, whose co-founder and managing partner Brad Stevens also joined Securitize's board of directors. Coinbase Ventures, venture capital divisions Ripple (Xpring) and OKEx (OK Blockchain Capital), Global Brain and NXTP also participated in startup financing.

As Securitize CEO Carlos Domingo said, the funds received will help the company attract "competent investors" in anticipation of the launch of its proposed security tokens. According to him, Securitize intends to transfer the $ 7 trillion securities industry to the blockchain, as the technology is a more transparent and appropriate alternative for auditing, in addition to enabling real-time transactions.

"Tokenization of the traditional securities industry is already happening on a global scale. To capitalize on this new opportunity, we plan to create our own development team and expand the geographic coverage of Latin America to the Asia-Pacific region and other parts of the world. " – added Carlos Domingo.

Note that Securitize has already begun issuing digital warrants to companies such as 22x, SPiCE VC and Augmate, as well as a BCAP security token for Blockchain Capital. Digital titles based on the project protocol are negotiated on the AirSwap and OpenFinance Network grants according to regulatory requirements.

Xpring senior vice president, Iten Bird, said that Ripple's interests also include symbolic titles.

"Securitize is an excellent team focused on the disclosure of securities markets with the help of legal, liquid and asset trading requirements," – he said.

Recall that in October there were reports that the possibility of launching a platform for tokens with securities characteristics was being considered by the US stock exchange operator Nasdaq.

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