Tuesday , March 9 2021

Scandal: Akhedzhakova offended by Galkin over "bullying" (VIDEO)

Russian actress Liya Akhedzhakova commented on humorist Maxim Galkin's jokes in her direction.

In one of the last speeches, the husband of Alla Pugacheva tried to ridicule the views and the civil position of the artist. Akhedzhakova considered this an insult. She expressed this opinion in an interview for the Culture of Memory channel on YouTube.

"I am not in conflict with my colleagues if our opinions do not coincide. I have a wonderful attitude for everyone, if it is, of course, not about the last liars and bribers, "she said.

The actress admits she has had an extremely difficult life, so she always realizes criticism. She gave an example of a speech by Maxim Galkin, who touched his name.

"Galkin has no right to use my name to make the audience laugh and do such a good imitation in which I supposedly stand with the mighty ones of the world with the words:" Ah, I want to talk about Russia. "This is not due to age, when I turn on Channel One, I see a huge holiday in Sovremennik, is a talented person, Galkin uses my name to laugh at me, my destiny," said the actress.

According to Lia Akhedzhakova, comedians should be careful to choose the material for their speeches, not to offend really decent people. However, despite this, the actress considers Galkina a strong artist, capable of creating funny jokes.

"My reputation will not suffer, but I regret that such a wonderful and talented person, like Galkin, dares to mock me a little for success with the public," she shared.

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