Samsung Galaxy S10 5G set a record


Samsung Galaxy S10 5G set a recordThe Samsung Galaxy S10 + triple camera smartphone did not go unnoticed by the DxOMark experts.

However, another new South Korean company, the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, fell into the hands of experts. The smartphone received four modules from the main camera and showed an incredible result in the tests, according to with reference to

According to, in the version of the Samsung Galaxy S10 with support for fifth generation networks, the usual wide-angle module with an interchangeable, super-wide diaphragm with a 123-degree viewing angle and a sensor with a telephoto lens are complemented by a ToF sensor to analyze the depth of field. According to experts, the novelty is noticeably better than the usual "dozen".

After extensive testing of the Galaxy S10 5G camera in various conditions, DxOMark experts noticed many advantages when taking a photo:

in most cases, accurate white balance and pleasing color reproduction;

accurate target exposure and good dynamic range;

fast and accurate autofocus;

high quality bokeh effect with a good blur gradient;

small amount of noise;

exposure, neutral white balance, and high detail when using the flash.

Experts liked the video recording on the Galaxy S10 5G as a whole. Among the advantages they noticed:

excellent detailing both outdoors and indoors;

accurate white balance and pleasing color reproduction;

exposure in the open air and indoors;

fast and accurate autofocus;

effective stabilization when shooting with your hands;

The 4K input is set in the default settings.

Overall, the Galaxy S10 5G proved to be slightly better in our tests than the cute Galaxy S10 +. Samsung's transition to 4K resolution by default for video recording and convenient telephoto lens switching to create bokeh in portrait mode gives the 5G version an additional 3 points to put it first among all our tested mobile devices, they said. specialists from DxOMark.

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In addition, the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G became the first smartphone in the DxOMark classification, which scored 100 points to record videos. According to the photo, he received 117 points, and the average rating in the ranking was 112, which puts him first along with the Huawei Pro P30.

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