Samsung announces high-speed memory HBM2E / News /


Samsung Electronics continues to improve the performance of HBM (High Bandwidth Memory) high-speed memory. During the 2019 GPU Technology Conference, the South Korean giant introduced the first standard HBM2E chips, which are one third more bandwidth than the HBM2 chips available in the market.

Samsung HBM2

The HBM2E multi-layer memory, which Samsung called Flashbolt, will find application in a wide variety of fields including artificial intelligence, HPC computing and cutting-edge graphics accelerators. The microcircuits presented have a volume of 16 GB, are recruited by eight layers of 16 gigabits and have a capacity of 410 GB / s (3.2 Gbit / s per contact).

AMD Vega 20

Thus, with the use of four of these chips, the possible successor to the AMD Radeon VII video card will have a 64-gigabyte video buffer with an impressive bandwidth of 1640 GB / s. However, given the high cost of multilayer HBM2 memory, the new Samsung HBM2E chips will be used for the first time only in machine learning accelerators and demanding computing.



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