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Defender Rizespor told how he lives in Turkey.

Morozyuk last winter moved to the Turkish Rizespor where he rented the second round of the championship and helped his team to not only leave the relegation zone but also to reach a place in the middle of the standings.

Nikolay spoke about the characteristics of living in the town of Rize.

"The game is over, I sit on the club bus, I go to the base, I go to the base, I go home or I spend the night at the base, the next day I go to the gym, swimming pool. flight to Kiev, "says Morozyuk in the YouTube channel interview SPORT TRAVELER UA.

"Here, honestly, an ideal place for a young footballer to come here at the right time, at the right age, this is super, that's cool." There is no temptation, there are no friends, no one pulls you anywhere. you want to, you're not going to run away .. eating a cheesecake with coffee is the ultimate coming of entertainment.There is a lobby, but I've never been there. "

In addition, the Ukrainian defender told how the team celebrates the victory.

"In general, the beer here is a closed subject, the alcohol in the city is not for sale, how do we celebrate it, they sang and danced in the dressing room, decided to set up a buffet after the game, everyone eats and takes care of their business. You have training, there is a game, there is a daily routine in which you work when you are at the base, but you are completely free for another time, you are not attached to anything, at the right time I can do what I want.If you do, then you feel that way, then you need it. "

Morozyuk told how all this is organized in Kiev.

"Here, for example, in Kiev.We play the game.The next day, I want to go to the gym, I have to work on something.He's going to say," What do you mean, no. Yesterday was a very difficult game. "But I want it.No one can get into my body, I can get inside my head.I want to say these sporting moments.Here they give you more freedom.There is no such thing in training:" What are you laughing at? You can laugh after the workout. "In general, training here is like a holiday, I do not want to say that training is like a circus, everything is positive, we play the game, the next day, it's all yesterday, let's practice with good humor, support, I do not know, I do not know what it's like in other teams, I can only say this here and what I found in Ukraine. "

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