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Rihanna showed all her charms in a transparent overalls: "ideal shapes". Politeka


Pop star Rihanna, who topped the list of the world's richest singers, starred in a provocative photo shoot

Thus, the American singer Rihanna became the main character of the new edition of Interview Magazine.

In the photographs of photographer Pierre-Ange Carlotti, the 31-year-old star appeared in provocative images. The brightest of them, perhaps, is a transparent leopard overalls, worn over a naked body. In addition, the star tried several more revealing clothes, showing a semi-naked breast and buttocks.

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<p>Also gloss has published an interview with Rihanna with a guest interviewer – actress of the series "American horror story" Sarah Paulson. Rihanna did not deny her affair with Saudi billionaire Hassan Jameel, rumors she had previously chosen not to comment on.</p>
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Remember crazy fan stormed the Rihanna mansion: the reaction of the star is incredible.

As reported by Politeka, Rihanna went on a daring experiment with her appearance: a photo.

Also Politeka wrote that Rihanna nude organized a "sale" in bed of 18+.

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