Results 16.04: Announcement of Zelensky and the victory of Ukrnafta


Results 16.04: Announcement of Zelensky and the victory of Ukrnafta


Vladimir Zelensky said when he came to the debate; Ukrnafta won the court against the Russian Federation: highlights the major events of yesterday.

Zelensky released a new video on the details of the debate

The showman accused the opposing team of trying to change the conditions of the debate and announced its start at 7:00 pm on April 19.

Earlier in the day, Poroshenko headquarters spokesman Oleg Medvedev announced that the teams of presidential candidates had concluded a tripartite agreement with the NSC. Olympic.

Kiev has entered the TOP of the biggest startup cities

Ukrnafta won the Russian court

The International Court of Arbitration decided to recover from the Russian Federation in favor of the PJSC Ukrnafta US $ 44.4 million in compensation for the expropriation of assets of the company in the annexed Crimea.

The company noted that in April 2014, shortly after the Crimean annexation of Russia, illegal armed groups took administrative facilities and 16 gas stations.Krnafta.

The fire in the completely extinct Notre Dame Cathedral

Ukraine appealed to court over seizure of seamen in the Kerch Strait

President Petro Poroshenko said that Ukraine appealed to the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea with a request to introduce measures against Russia, demanding the release of three ships and 24 soldiers who had been captured from the Straits of Kerch on November 25, 2018 .

Brazil announces withdrawal of the Union of South American Nations

The Supreme Court of Justice of Ukraine has chosen a new chapter

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