Representatives of the race of the Eternals can appear in the new part of the "Avengers" –


In the new part of the movie "The Avengers" may appear new heroes. We are talking about representatives of the Marvel universe, known as the Eternal. According to the information available, the studio has already started looking for actors who will play two characters at the same time. This was announced last Sunday by the portal MovieWeb.

Such data on his shared user "Twitter" Daniel RPK, who works at the company SuperBroMovies. He wrote that the characters will call Karen and Piper, and they may appear in the new "Avengers," and in the movie "Captain Marvel."

Remember the eternal role of the defenders of the Earth in the Marvel universe. Their main enemies are Deviants – creations of the race of the Celestial immortal gods. As for Titanium Thanos, it is a "blend" of the Eternal and Deviants.

Victoria Ponamareva


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