Rapper Alyona Alyona boasted of wearing a curvaceous swimsuit: "no complexes." Politeka


Alyona Alyona worked well at home and now decided to rest abroad

The Ukrainian singer, who just took off for the musical Olympus, made her first solo concert in Kiev. After the work of the righteous, the rapper left to rest outside.

The overseas resort, where Alyona Alyona rests, is Spain. She went there with her friend. The girl is actively sharing video and fotami in a story on her Instagram page as she spends her time.

The artist is watched closely by the fans.

So, just a "bomb" was the photo of Alyona Alyona on the beach. The rapper is caught on the beach in a shiny generic bathing suit. Hair, she tied a lot of the same color with a rubber band.

Netizens have noticed the emancipation of the artist and the fact that he is apparently without complexes.

Add that Alyona Alyona, according to the New York Times edition, has entered the list of the most interesting new European artists. The girl's first video clips, which she posted on YouTube, the audience liked and scored nearly a million views.

Alyona Savranenko herself (the real name of the artist) worked in one of the kindergartens of the Kiev region. However, after a conflict with colleagues was withdrawn from the child institution.

As previously reported, divorcee Ani Lorak, who recently decided to show off her new lover, is getting prettier every day. In addition, the Ukrainian singer, who moved to Russia, was drawn to philosophy. Caroline appealed to her fans to believe in themselves.

Ani Lorak, 40, liked the fans with a regular photo on their Instagram page. In the photo, the actress appeared in an elegant way and commented the photo with a motivational phrase.

"A great power hides in each one of us, incredible abilities, endless sources of love. Believe in yourself! "Lorac wrote in a social network.

In the photo, Carolina appeared in jeans and a white blouse, which exposed her shoulders and belly. It is seen that the singer closely observes the figure and has a thin waist. Black pointed shoes on Lorak's legs. The actress complemented her image with an elegant black bag.

Alyona Alyona, Alena

The fans immediately responded to the star's photo and motivator. Carolina received compliments on her appearance, asked when her new song would be released and when she would do a duet with Sergey Lazarev.

Many have also noticed that the singer simply shines with happiness and it is possible that the reason is the love of Lorac. The other day, she published a joint photo with a boy. In the photo, which Ani did not sign, she gently pressed the guy.

The new lover of the singer was the ex-husband of Ukrainian singer Tayanna Yegor Hleb. He still has a child from his first marriage to singer, Daniel, age 6.

Remember, it has become known that Ukrainian stars will compete for the prestigious music prize.

As reported by Politeka, Potap publicly disgraced.

Also Politeka wrote that the Ukrainian educator XXL launched a new hit after "nudity", the network is delighted.


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