PUBG World Championships Announced | Pub


On August 9-11, the PUBG Nations Cup – the World Team Championship will be held in Seoul. 16 participating teams will compete for $ 500,000 The competition will take place before the start of the third phase of the regional leagues and the main discipline of the championship PUBG Global Championship.

The tournament will be organized by Jangchung Arena, where volleyball competitions are usually held. It accommodates more than 4,500 people. Championship will visit teams from five continents. The organizers have not yet decided how to select the candidates for the teams, one of the options – the cyber sportsmen will be chosen by their colleagues in the place.

Now is the second phase of the competition in regional leagues. In Europe after the fifth week Natus Vincent stay first too Crowcrowd and M19 enter the top 12. Follow the tournament here.


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