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Prince Andrew is the favorite son of Queen Elizabeth II – British media

Queen of Britain Elizabeth II has a beloved son, and this has led to a serious division within the family. This writes with reference to the Daily Mirror.

It should be noted that the details of this story were exposed in the documentary "The Royal Family in War".

The submission states that the eldest Charles did not become his favorite son, though he was the first pretender to the throne. Elizabeth II loved Prince Andrew more. For this reason, there is a certain discord between the brothers.

Prince Andrew is the third son of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of York and the sixth in line to the throne. In 1986, he married protégé and writer Sarah Ferguson (Princess Diana introduced them), whom he divorced 10 years later. In the summer of 2016, there were rumors that the prince was dating actress Demi Moore, but they were not confirmed.

As previously reported by the FACTS, Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain will not abdicate on behalf of Prince Charles, for her real status is more than the concept of hierarchy. This was stated by the royal expert, author of the book "The Chronicles of Diana" Tina Brown. She is confident that Elizabeth II perceives the throne as the essence of her incarnation.

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