Presented double van Mitsubishi Outlander: photo


In Britain it will be a double Mitsubishi Outlander

Photo: Mitsubishi

In Britain it will be a double Mitsubishi Outlander

The PHEV Commercial does not have rear seats, and up to 510 kg of cargo is placed in the cargo compartment.

In Britain, he introduced a commercial version of the Mitsubishi Outlander crossover. CARS UK is reported.

The new PHEV Commercial received only two front seats. Instead of rear seats, the car was equipped with a spacious cargo platform. It also has four doors, but the rear windows are closed with a blind damper.

From the front luggage seats, the grill is separated. The length of the trunk is 1650 mm, width of 1000 mm and height of 800 mm. This van can carry about 510 kg of cargo.
Inner novelty equipment remains as in the classic Outlander.

The price of the car is still unknown. It is most likely that the model will not exceed the limits of Britain.

Previously, Volkswagen showed electroshock appearance. It was also reported that the rare Alfa Romeo was sold for 16.7 million euros.

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