Portnov commented on his resignation from the university and said who is behind the action at the University


After the National University of Kiev. Shevchenko was held a rally against the hiring of former head of the presidential administration Andrei Portnov, the university's rector revoked his order for Portnov's job. According to Portnov, he did not appeal from his first dismissal from the university, he also did not appeal this decision. "If someone does not like it, no, it's not." I never recovered, they hired me again, I will not appeal that decision, everything, goodbye, "he said on Ukrainian television.

In his view, the demonstration in the National University of Economics building was organized by organizations controlled by former President Poroshenko and "no one saw the students there." "The organizers are – and they do not hide, they said – the youth organization of the Petro-Poroshenko Bloc, and frankly, this is linked to my struggle with Poroshenko.It is clear that this is not a student action, but a youth organization "Solidarity," – said Portnov.

Professor and lawyer Andrei Portnov notes that what happened "does not take him for the soul". "Teaching has always been a social burden for me, for it is clear that I am gaining elsewhere," he said.

Earlier Portnov told of Poroshenko's frauds in Moldova.


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