Political analyst Tsybulko in the air of "Ukrainian format" called the people's deputy of "Batkivshchyna" a mutt – video


Posted Feb 27, 2019

Vladimir Tsybulko in the studio of TV channel NEWSONE. Screenshot

The representative of the "Batkivshchyna" people Ivan Krulko, his "Opposition Platform" colleague Nestor Shufrych and political scientist Vladimir Tsybulko squandered on the talk show "Ukrainian format" on the NEWSONE TV channel.

Krulko said that after the decision of the Constitutional Court, "that Poroshenko did," all cases against corrupt officials will be closed. Tsybulko objected, saying that the judges appointed by the president did not vote on that decision.

"All cases against corrupt officials have been closed, overcoming corruption has ended, this article (about illegal enrichment – ed.) Has been expelled from the Penal Code, and this potato beetle will kill everyone, because it calculates the number!", The deputy was indignant.

Tsybulko told him that "mestizo parents" would not teach people how to live.

Nestor Shufrich defended a colleague, warning that "you can answer for the mutt."

"Let him answer for Colorado, I do not hear," said the political analyst.

Shufrich said that Tsybulko "covers the looters" and he will be cursed for it.

As previously reported by NEWSONE, Krulko has already called Tsybulko "Colorado potato beetle" – also in the air of the "Ukrainian format".

  • Recall that the media reported that the LCP recognized the article on illegal enrichment as unconstitutional.
  • A full list of people's deputies, who in 2017 asked to cancel this article, has been published.
  • Due to this decision, at least 50 cases of illegal enrichment of senior officials, who are now investigating the NABU, are expected to be closed, as well as closure of the case in all cases being heard in court.
  • However, according to the Attorney General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko, there has not yet been a single decision to investigate the illegal enrichment of officials.
  • President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko intends to submit to the Verkhovna Rada another bill on punishment for illegal enrichment.
  • The Constitutional Court promulgated a decision that declared unconstitutional Article 368-2 of the Penal Code on illegal enrichment, on the provision of 59 deputies of the people.


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