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The current playoff is so unpredictable that it is simply impossible to predict the second round participants. In the West, it is likely that the first four teams of the conference will lose and fly out of the Stanley Cup. "Calgary" and "Winnipeg" have already completed the season, and "San Jose" and "Nashville" in their series are inferior. "Jets" stopped the fight for the trophy in a bitter fight, losing to "St. Louis" in six games.

The key game in this series was the fifth, when Winnipeg lost a two-goal lead on his ice, allowing the opponent to win back in the third period. The Canadians relied too much on the attack and thought less about the defense, for which they ended up paying. This playoff shows that teams are often not enough to play creatively, they need to be able to close and "dry" the game. "St. Louis" started the game well at home, having opened the account already at 23 seconds, thanks to a Schwartz goal.

Jaden did not stop at that and implemented the majority. The scenario of the sixth match was similar to the events of the fifth, where the hosts also started successfully. Winnipeg at a party seemed slow and rarely bothered Binington. In the second period, only one shot was hit in the Blues goal – this is a club record for a period of a cup match.

Schwartz did not stop at the duplicate and the third dvadtsatiminutke designed a hat-trick, becoming the fourth player in the history of the club, who managed to do so in a playoff match. The Russian bluesmen leader Tarasenko was scored by three shots on goal and did not score points. In this series, "St. Louis" won exclusively without the goals of Vladimir.

0: 3 did not become a sentence for Winnipeg. In the last 15 minutes, the Canadians invaded the gate and played two goals. In addition, Brian Little scored 37 seconds before the last siren. In the remaining time, "Jets" failed to score the third goal and suffered. Then another favorite of the season ended the fight for the cup. In the offseason, the club must change, many players, including Patrick Laine, are running out of contracts. Someone will leave. Bogdan Kiselevich, who has not played a game for Winnipeg, is expected to leave the cold Canadian city.

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"St. Louis" went to the second round, and still early in January, the team was at the bottom of the standings, competing for the worst club status with "Los Angeles" and "Ottawa." The incredible progress shown by the bluesmen should be indicative of many. Even failing half the regular season, the club can succeed. Now Tarasenko's team will play with the winner of the Nashville-Dallas pair (the score in the 3-2 series in favor of the stars). In the future, fans will have an interesting confrontation between two Russian stars: Tarasenko and Radulov.


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