people will have to merge with machines to combat artificial intelligence "Russian Jew


November 27, 2018

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Ilon Musk in an interview with Axios countedthat people will have to merge with machines to confront artificial intelligence, which will sooner or later decide to destroy us.

According to Mask, many people still do not understand this, but technological development in the future is much more powerful than biological. As a result, digital intelligence will bypass human power in its power, which will lead people to an unpleasant situation.

If people do not start responding in time to the threat of artificial intelligence, humankind may fall on the fate of monkeys living in an extremely limited number of places on Earth – in a zoo, a circus or in the jungle.

Now another company Mask – Neuralink – is creating a hard drive for the human brain. It employs 85 of the world's leading specialists in the field of neuroscience, says a businessman. In the future, Neuralink must achieve the symbiosis of the brain with artificial intelligence.


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