On Android, the functions for hearing impaired users will appear. Reedus


Google has scheduled an update for the Android operating system, which will bring two useful features to hearing impaired users.

The first is called Live Transcribe and plays the role of "prompter" – using a microphone, the smartphone picks up the speaker's speech and displays it on the screen so it can be read and answered. The function was developed in collaboration with partners from the University of Gallaudet and supports 70 languages ​​in the beginning.

The second innovation – sound amplifier. Transforms a smartphone and headphones into an analogue hearing aid, increasing the volume of silent ambient sounds and, at the same time, suppressing background noise. Artificial intelligence automatically adjusts gain intensity and noise reduction depending on ambient conditions.

So far the Live Transcribe feature is only available via the beta testing program, and Sound Amplifier can now be installed on an Android 9 smartphone through the Google Play app store.


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