Nina Kirso is out of coma – all the details


The state of the artist remains extremely difficult.

Nina Kirso

Nina Kirso

Photo: the press service of the TV channel "Ukraine"

Freestyle soloist Nina Kirso for the first time after a long coma has opened her eyes. Exclusively in the program "Wounds of Ukraine", which leaves on weekdays at 6:30 on the channel "Ukraine", the singer's colleagues told about his condition.

Recently it was learned that the singer Nina Kirso, by which the life and health of which millions of fans prayed, fell itself. The first news was shared by the artist's friend, musician Alexander Kert.

"The leader of the Freestyle group Nina Kirso … After an eight-month coma, she opened her eyes … The singer's condition remains extremely difficult," said musician Alexander Kert.

But the artist missed an important point about the soloist status of a famous group. For a detailed comment, the journalists of the program "Ranok with Ukraine" turned to the soloist and author of the songs of the group "Freestyle" Sergey Kuznetsov.

Nina Kirso

Nina Kirso

Photo: Instagram

"Nina started to open her eyes 2-3 months ago, her eyes are open and seem to look nowhere, and there's nothing in her eyes, that is, her eyelids rise alone, they close, then rise again. Well, not at all, because it is not consciousness, "commented the soloist of the" Freestyle "group Sergey Kuznetsov in the air of the" Ukraine "channel.

Nina Kirso has been in a coma since June of last year. Then she had a brain hemorrhage. But after the operation, the legendary group's soloist never recovered. Millions of fans do not lose hope and believe in the recovery of their favorite singer.

Earlier, we reported that Nina Kirso was transported to a clinic in Kiev.

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