Nikityuk told what happened to her right in the middle of the road: "We walk." Politeka


The famous Ukrainian presenter Lesya Nikityuk showed a new photo in the car

In the caption of the photo, in which the presenter shyly shows his leg, looking out of the car, Nikityuk asked the subscribers what they were doing during the Kiev traffic jams, implying that she herself was in such a situation.

"And what are you doing during traffic jams?" She wrote.

In response, fans shared their stories, many of Nikityuk's subscribers began to exalt their sophisticated new look and appearance.

"Personally when traffic jams in Kiev, at my work or watching television at home, in the Nikolaev region", "We walked" "We dreamed where to relax", "We took off our shoes .. And dried our socks", "I see Tunisia with your participation our tourists rush for breakfast, and then they run to the pool, "" Mommy dear .. Lesya, you are elegant – beautiful and most beautiful every day "," Traffic jams and make up beauties "," Lesia, use high heels, not those. "Subscribers wrote in the comments.

Previously, it has been reported that Lesya Nikityuk is a brilliant TV star who knows how to shock the public and attract everyone's attention. Well-known Ukrainian TV presenter Lesya Nikityuk, who likes to attract the attention of fans, often shares with Instagram her new photos, videos and news of her starlets as well as everyday life. This time Lesya Nikityuk published a new photo in which she appeared in front of the fans in a provocative way.

So this time the star pleased the fans with candid photos taken during the holidays in Egypt. In a photo posted on Nikityuk's social networking page Instagram, the actress is captured in a flirtatious dress in thin wine-colored stripes with an extreme neckline.

The star leaned slightly toward the camera, "blinking" the bust. The cut on the thigh of Lesja's indecent clothing allows you to see her partially bare hips. She added a spicy image with a hat, and of jewelry she preferred several laconic chains with a pendant.

As a signature, the presenter left a couple of hashtags, one of which read – # GoddessEgipta.

Remember, Nikityuk showed who went on vacation to Vienna.

As reported by Politeka, Lesya Nikityuk revealed the secret of her personal life about her mate.

Also Politeka wrote that Nikityuk on New Year's Eve hit the car.


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