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Neymar hates to lose –

The manager of the Parisians responded to the episode with the Brazilian striker.

Thomas Tuchel pictures, getty pics

Thomas Tuchel pictures, getty pics
April 29, 2019 21:42

PSG coach Thomas Tukhel commented on the episode in which the Parisian striker Neymar, after losing the French Cup final, hit the opponents.

"I know why Neymar did this, but we should not talk about it to the public, just inside the team."

"There are players who love to win and players who hate to lose. He is one of them."

"Neymar played 120 minutes, I was surprised by his game, he scored, made a decisive pass and scored the fifth penalty, almost all of our dangerous actions were associated with him," said Tuchel Telefoot.

Earlier, French media reported that the German specialist is losing control of the PSG's locker room.

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