NASA has revealed a giant crater under the ice in Greenland – Rossiyskaya Gazeta


NASA, the national aerospace and aerospace agency, has shown how a large impact crater found in Greenland may seem.

As has been said "WG", the object was discovered in 2015. He was noted while studying satellite images obtained using spectroradiometers from the Earth and Aqua spacecraft. Signs of a circular shape under the ice were found in the Hyavath glacier area.

For three years, an international team of scientists, including NASA experts, examined it on the spot. The study made it difficult for the crater to be hidden in nearly a kilometer of ice. Its diameter is about 31 kilometers and the depth is about 300 meters.

Experts in the field of ice radar measurements helped establish this. The necessary data were obtained using aerial photography. They confirmed the hypothesis of a hidden crater.

It was formed less than three million years ago when an iron meteorite collapsed in northwest Greenland and is one of the youngest on the planet. This impact crater has already been listed among the 25 largest facilities in the world.

"There was a severe deformation of the rock, indicating a strong impact," says Nikolai Larsen of the University of Aarhus in Denmark, one of the authors of the study. "This is also compelling evidence that there is an impact crater under the Hyavath glacier."


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