Nadia Dorofeeva and Vera Brezhneva danced at the table


Artists have fun with the music of Dantes and Oleynik

Nadia Dorofeeva and Vera Brezhnev

Nadia Dorofeeva and Vera Brezhnev

Photo: Instagram

The singer of the group "Time and Glass" Nadia Dorofeeva and the famous singer Vera Brezhneva "exploded" the network with their dances at the table. The corresponding video appeared on the Telegram channel on the stars "Only to anyone." In the video, the girls do an incendiary dance with the song "I & # 39; m already" of the group "D.I.O. Films, "whose lead singer was Dorofeeva's husband, Vladimir Dantes, for a long time.

Video Capture Telegram channel "Only to anyone"

Note that all those who were caught in the video dressed in white clothes, so we can assume that the actress had fun at the themed party. In the video you can also see Vladimir Dantes.

Video Capture Telegram channel "Only to anyone"

Remember Vera Brezhnev posted a photo with a minimum of makeup on her face, showing off all her natural beauty.

Earlier, the artist went through vision surgery and shared her experience with subscribers on Instagram. As Vera admitted, she did a laser vision correction, which she had been waiting for 12 years. Before that she had to wear glasses.

Watch the video on the tattoos of Nadi Dorofeyeva:

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