Minister of Social Policy, Reva, has confirmed a rise in the price of gas since May 2019


Gas prices for the population will rise from May 1, 2019, while its growth, according to the decision of the Council of Ministers, will be another 20%. About this in the air "Espresso," said Social Policy Minister Andrei Reva.

According to him, Council Resolution No. 867 sets the price of gas for the population according to the formula. It is determined that the Ukrainians pay a certain percentage of the total price.

"From November 1, 2018, 60% of the total price, which is the formula. This formula takes over from May 1, an increase of 80% of the total gas price of the formal agreement," said Andrei Reva.

He noted that the corresponding changes will take effect if this formula remains valid. According to him, the application of the formula and the corresponding increase in gas prices from May 1 will depend on "many factors" – the situation in the country and economic growth.

Recall, the IMF confirmed that Ukraine has committed to raise the price of gas to the population by 15% from May 1, 2019, and also to match prices at market prices from 2020.

We also wrote that according to the decision of the Cabinet, from May 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019, the price of gas for the population should be about 9851.66 UAH per 1 thousand meters cubic

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