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Military gelendvagen for civilians: what it looks like

The crazy Mercedes G500 4×4² has turned into a formidable armored car for the most demanding customers.

The armored Mercedes G-class, named Gruma ENOK P1, was created by Armored Car Systems, a subsidiary of Gruma Automobile GmbH. Similar cars, by the way, are used by the German army.

But before us is still a civil option. That, however, is capable of protecting the driver and passengers from ill wishes.

The inner capsule is protected by steel plates and the glass is now bulletproof. In addition, the armored SUV received tireless tires. A machine gun hole appeared in the roof. We can't even imagine why this car is civil, but let it be.

Under the hood – a standard for the 416 hp 4-liter turbo Mercedes Gelendvagen G500 two-cylinder engine

The luxurious interior, decorated with leather, Alcantara and carbon panels, remained in place. Unless door cards after armored modifications seem simpler.

This Mercedes-Benz G-class is protected against anti-tank guns. True, we doubt it is a direct hit. The company does not indicate the price of the car.

As OBOZREVATEL reported, a new Land Rover Defender is packed with rivals in the Gelendvagen series. For this, your most expensive and luxurious modification will acquire a BMW engine.

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