Mercedes-Benz launches GLC F-Cell


Mercedes-Benz launches GLC F-CellThe first batch of upgraded cars will be supplied in select markets in Germany.

The updated F-Cell GLC model is officially unveiled by the Mercedes-Benz automotive company.

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The main difference of the model is that it is a hybrid version of hydrogen of the PHEV. Company officials say the car is electric, but despite this it has a specialized hybrid facility that allows you to operate the car with hydrogen fuel.

It will also be possible to rent a car in organizations that provide services such as renting modern cars.

In order for drivers to fully operate a hydrogen-powered vehicle, stations operating in the field of hydrogen sales will be built nationwide in the near future.

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The technical data of the updated model has not yet been announced, but experts are confident that the car should have additional batteries for use as an electric vehicle, as well as hydrogen cylinders intended for hydrogen.

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