Masha Efrosinina shared a photo in a bright outfit with a rest in the United Arab Emirates


Photo: Masha Efrosinina (

Leading with a family rests in the Emirates

The famous Ukrainian presenter Masha Efrosinina, who responded humorously to moods, where her daughter had "disappeared", pleased the fans with a colorful image of the others. Star with her husband and children vacationing on the island of Zaya Nurai in the United Arab Emirates and sharing vacation pictures on Instagram.

In the photo, Masha is portrayed in a bright long dress with geometric patterns as well as a straw hat and sunglasses. The presenter smiles happily, and in the background you can see a net, palm trees and a piece of ocean.

"Paint the moments," Efrosinina said.

Photo: Masha Efrosinina (

Internauts admired this star clothes and thanked the beautiful photo.

"Beautiful dress!";

"I'm beautiful and beautiful";

"How beautiful!";

"Clothes like the movie MASK !!! Classes !!!";

"Very bright and beautiful clothes like you";

"You are a very beautiful and elegant woman !!!";

"I just want to say thank you for the beautiful and colorful photos of the holidays, but somehow you have the celebrity butts, have a good rest," in the followers' comments.

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Remember that before Efrosinina told you about the best day of your life. The presenter admitted that the happiest day of his life was in his childhood, but instead of happiness she was crying bitterly.

Before that, the TV presenter shared the secrets of the perfect figure after the holidays.

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