Lover Lorak beat singer Tayanna


Famous Ukrainian singer Tatiana Reshetnyak (Tayanna) talked about her relationship with her ex-husband, who is now the lover of the popular artist Ani Lorak. She shared this in an interview with a famous YouTube blogger.

Yegor Gleb (which is the name of the beloved Lorak and the old Reshetnyak) is constantly changed. In addition, he often came home drunk and there were traces of feminine lipstick on him. The singer also noted that this difficult marriage hardened her and helped change her attitude toward other men.

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Ani Lorak was intrigued by a story about a new life.

And in an interview with the famous TV presenter Masha Efrosinina, she once admitted that Gleb could not only change but even raise her hand to a woman. According to Reshetnyak, this was precisely the reason for the separation of the couple, despite the fact that they had an ordinary child.

"This is probably the biggest sore a woman can have, because of the betrayal and because they have laid their hands on you, and I do not know what kind of practice it is to cleanse everything from myself because I was doing different things and spiritual practices and I really understand that I have not yet freed myself from this pain and offense, "said Tayanna.

Earlier it was reported that the famous singer Ani Lorak after a loud divorce from her husband and father of her son Murat Nalchadzhioglu first showed fans the face of his new lover. Good Ani Lorak was touched by fans of family photos.


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