Friday , July 30 2021

Lolita lit a fire on the web, revealing an “emptiness of sin”

The singer appeared in a dressing room with a sparkling dress, impressed by Igor Gulyaev.

The designer Pugacheva was unable to remain silent after seeing Milyavskaya's extreme cleavage
Lolita. Photo: Press global look.

Singer Lolita Milyavskaya recently became incredibly more beautiful, lost weight and started looking much younger. It simply bathes in the attention of men, enjoying freedom and its own attractiveness.

One of the last ties of the Ukrainian diva in a tight and sparkling dress with a very deep neckline was a hit with fans. The artist posted a video of this night outfit on her Instagram account.

The stylist Pugacheva could not keep quiet after seeing the extreme neckline of Lolita
The stylist Pugacheva was unable to shut up when he saw Lolita’s extreme cleavage. Photo

“Incredible!”, “What eyes … deep”, “Fascinating, simply fantastic Lolita”, “You can always admire fire, water and Lolita in this dress”, “Bomb figure!”, “Lolita admiring her youth and attractiveness imperishable “, – followers wrote in the comments.

Alla Pugacheva’s stylist Igor Gulyaev, whose client Lolita Milyavskaya is also, was fascinated by the brunette’s appearance.

“Beauty,” he admired.

According to FAN, the artist, taking a selfie, managed to put the camera on top. Then, according to reporters from the news agency, she captured the most attractive angle for the audience.

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