Logitech and Plantronics not yet merged | News


According to Reuters, Logitech has negotiated the acquisition of Plantronics.

However, as it became known, the agreement did not occur, the parties did not reach an agreement. According to available information, the Swiss manufacturer offered $ 2.2 billion for Plantronics assets, currently capitalizing at $ 2.03 billion, it is worth mentioning that the peak value of this manufacturer's stock was in July of this year, already which fell by almost 40%.

The maximum value of Plantronics came at the end of the agreement to acquire the $ 2 billion manufacturer of videoconferencing systems Polycom, announced in March 2018.

It is worth noting that the capitalization of Logitech is now about 5 billion Swiss francs and has decreased by a third since the summer of this year. The company is actively seeking business diversification and the acquisition of Plantronics would complement its current line of solutions for the corporate segment.


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