Thursday , April 22 2021

LG patented a smartphone with a camera for 16 modules

LG patented a smartphone with a camera for 16 modulesWith one click, you can get 16 frames with all the lenses and then choose the best.

The Korean company LG has registered: it is preparing to launch a smartphone with a camera, which includes 16 sensors.

Judging from the patent image, the cameras are located on a curved substrate, writes the issue of Internet with reference to

The new patent, which LG filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and was discovered by LetsGoDigital, includes a smartphone with a main camera of 16 lenses with different focal lengths and features. And while this may seem like an exaggeration, the patent shows very interesting things that can be achieved with so many cameras.

In particular, with a touch you can get 16 frames with all lenses and then choose the best. You can get a wide-angle view of a beautiful landscape as well as good photos with a longer focal length.

Another interesting perspective is the significantly improved depth perception on the phone, which can lead to a more accurate model of shallow depth of field for portrait mode or even a change of focus after shooting. The patent also mentions the joining together of different parts of different images and other types of manipulation that users can do after shooting.

Also, judging by the patent images, there is a mirror under the camera, so most likely, the novelty can also be used for selfies.

LG is known for trying out new approaches when it comes to smartphones, with the wide-angle lens becoming the signature feature of the company. So it would be logical to assume that LG will try to add more cameras to their phones.

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In addition, the market already has a portable camera with 16 lenses. It's called Light L16 and allows you to get 52-megapixel images. Of course, this camera is not as compact as a smartphone, but the mobile phone industry has long learned how to scale technical solutions.

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