LG patented a smartphone equipped with a camera with 16 lenses


The South Korean company LG Electronics was at the forefront of smartphone makers, who offered customers their devices, equipped with two main cameras at the same time. At first, it was the LG Optimus 3D in 2011, in which such a camera made it possible to create three-dimensional photos, but in the end he and his followers had no commercial success. In the end, in 2016, she showed the world another device – the LG G5, which marked the successful launch of a new wave of smartphones with two cameras, although the G5 itself has again become a flawed model due to its modular design .

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As a result, today we will not be surprised by a "trifle" in the form of two lenses for the main camera, especially since there is already more than one device with three lenses and up to four, and according to rumors, the next Nokia PureView 9 smartphone will have already up to five cameras. But all this is trivial compared to what LG is now offering: in applications registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, there is a patent with a smartphone, which will have a main camera module with 16 lenses arranged in an array .


In addition, the lenses themselves in such a matrix can be located at different angles and take pictures from different angles, so that during the shooting process different scenarios can be realized. For example, a user can select a single lens and take a photo on it.


In addition, you can take a photo at a time on all lenses with different capture parameters and select the best photo. And you can combine all these photos and create an animated image. In the future, one part of the photo can be cut and replaced with a fragment that has been taken to another camera with a different shooting angle, making it possible to choose the desired pose from the portrait photography object.


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