Thursday , June 17 2021

LG G8 ThinQ Smartphone, which is very easy to confuse with G7 ThinQ

We've written about the LG G8 ThinQ smartphone today when we talk about rumors about its interesting feature, which is the ability to connect an additional screen.

The source did not mention how this should be done, but most likely those rumors were wrong or worried about another model.

This can be assumed based on the video below.

The source is the insider of OnLeaks, who almost never made a mistake. If this time there is no error, the new LG may disappoint many. Not only will it save the clipping on the screen, it will not receive a sub-screen scanner, the design as a whole will differ little from the manufacturer's current flagship.

Video of the day: LG G8 ThinQ smartphone, which is very easy to confuse with G7 ThinQ

The font says the diagonal of the screen is about 6.1 inches and dimensions about 152 x 72 x 8.4 mm. You may also notice the presence of a headset. Considering that LG's mobile unit is now experiencing not the best of times, and smartphone sales are falling, it is not very clear what the company expects with a new flagship.

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