Ksenia Sobchak refuted her own words about the divorce of Semen Slepakova


14:20, 4/21/2019

TV presenter with regret noted that "messed up".

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Yesterday, the public was disturbed by the news that Semyon Slepakov had divorced his wife. The airy feel of the talk show "Hello, Andrei!" It was issued by Ksenia Sobchak, who became one of the key figures in the release. Thus, for almost two hours, Ksenia clarified the relationship with its old rival Anastasia Volochkova. The dancer accused the TV presenter of being jealous of his success, so he is trying, in every possible way, to tarnish his reputation. Sobchak tried to convince Volochkova that she did not feel anything negative about her, but on the contrary, she even loved her in her own way. According to the journalist, the scandalous issue of "Caution, Sobchak!" From YouTube, whose main character was a dancer, took off to amuse audiences and not make fun of Anastasia.

After a relatively familiar discussion about the scandals and personal life of each other, Andrei Malakhov went on to discuss other issues of the Xenia Anatolievna program on YouTube. The presenter recalled that one of the first heroes of the program "Caution, Sobchak!" Was the producer Semyon Slepakov. "And Semyon Slepakov, tell me, did he impress you?" Malakhov asked Xenia. "Yes. Listen, he's usually my hero in that sense. I always confuse him, unfortunately, with Svetlakov – this is the last hero of my show. But I love Seeds. In fact, here is a sensation. As a journalist, I share a journalist. Andrei, you should definitely invite Semyon Slepakov to his show because he recently got divorced, he came back to be an enviable groom, "said Ksenia Sobchak. "What do you mean?" Andrew was surprised, and after him all the other spectators in the studio.

Ksenia Sobchak on the program of Andrey Malakhov

Only a few hours later, however, it was discovered that there was no sensation, and Slepakov was still legally married and did not even think about divorcing a chosen one. Unfortunately, I understood everything wrong, "Sobchak said in the Stories section of his Instagram microblogging, but did not clarify the details of the situation.

Recall that Semyon Slepakov has been married for six years to a girl named Karina. A comedy club screenwriter once fell in love with her at first sight. About the wife of the producer, little is known. Karina has chosen a profession that is far from the world of show business. Spouses prefer to lead a distorted life. For example, the Network did not hit a single photo of a wedding star, held in Italy in 2012. Rarely lovers appear together and in public. The last time this happened in August last year when the couple made it to the premiere of the "House Prending" series, which became a major breakthrough for the screenwriter.

Semyon Slepakov brought his wife

Semyon Slepakov with his wife Karina

As for Ksenia herself, she has recently gone through difficult times. For more than half a year, the public complained about the novel by a TV presenter and director Konstantin Bogomolov, but it was possible to wait for confirmation of this information only a month ago. It was then discovered that Sobchak had not lived with her husband Maxim Vitorgan for some time (although it appears that he will not divorce him). And a couple of days after the announcement of the separation, Xenia stopped hiding the case with a new elect. However, the TV presenter tries to dedicate almost all of his free time to his son Plato, whom she considers to be one of the most important people in her life. Sobchak is trying to develop her son comprehensively: yesterday, for example, she said that in her two years her heir had already begun to learn Chinese.

Ksenia Sobchak boasted that her 2-year-old son, Plato, started learning Chinese

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