Koshevoi of "Quarter" recorded an acute appeal of the Olympiad


The famous showman, Kvartal 95 team member and presenter of the ChistoNews program, Yevgeny Koshevoy, under the guise of Zheki, addressed the Ukrainians with the Olympic NSC on the eve of the debate.

So, in the video posted in the studio "ChistoNews", Koshevoy remembers the debates before the second round of presidential elections. In particular, he repeated the requirements and prohibitions of law enforcement agencies on the admission of Ukrainians to the stadium.

Eugene reminds you that you can not carry a gun, smoke bombs, drums, flares, pipes and even vuvuzely. Because of this, he joked that Poroshenko apparently afraid of vuvuzelov, but do not know what the drums did not please.

Koshevoy warned the guys who want to go to the stadium with their girls that everyone wants a photo with the candidate "in the palm of the hand." Those who planned to drink beer during the show, he warned that only candidates could do tests at the stadium.

He also predicted a situation where the "naked man" would pass through the stadium. And in this case, he advised not to call the police but to call his wife and report that Kosheva had broken and lost some alcohol.

In addition, Yevgeny assured the Ukrainians that the elections would be over soon, and in both social networks and in the media would appear "proper usual news" – about cats, about who had eaten at a cafe today and "what a flower you are" and like this


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