Kolomoisky on Poroshenko: He is just my puppet, and in the last month before the completion of his powers, he will fulfill all that is said / GORDON


Ukrainian businessman Igor Kolomoisky called on President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko to run for a second term "puppet" when he commented on the decision of the Administrative Court of the District of Kiev to recognize the illegal nationalization of PrivatBank.

Ukrainian businessman Igor Kolomoisky said that Petro Poroshenko, running for a second term, is his puppet, and in the last month before the conclusion of his powers, he "will fulfill all that he has been told." He stated this in an interview with "Economic Truth" on April 18.

Kolomoisky told the publication that "fair decisions" appear after the "filatov-poroshenki" stop pressing the judges "(Alexey Filatov, head of the Presidential Administration)." Weakening the possible pressure Poroshenko in the judges.

"No. He's just my puppet, and in the last month before completing his powers, he'll do everything he said." He thought someone was his puppet. "I think he's my puppet. to atone for his guilt, "said the businessman.

PrivatBank, Ukraine's largest commercial bank, was nationalized on December 19, 2016.

Former PrivatBank shareholder Igor Kolomoisky said that after the presidential election, Ukraine expects to receive compensation related to the nationalization of PrivatBank "in one form or another." He also said he will not return the bank to the property, but wants to return $ 2 billion of its capital.

On April 18, the Administrative Court of the District of Kiev confirmed Kolomoisky's claim against the National Bank of Ukraine and the Cabinet of Ministers on the illegality of the nationalization of PrivatBank. The NBU said they would appeal this decision. The Ministry of Finance of Ukraine will also appeal against the decision of the District Administrative Court.

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that if he wins the presidential election of Vladimir Zelensky, Kolomoisky plans to return the PrivatBank to the property, in this case Ukraine is facing an economic crisis.


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