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Italian Cup. Atalanta – Juventus 3: 0. Deserved punishment, deserved achievement ᐉ Soccer-UA

Italian Cup. Quarterfinals

Bergamo. "Athleti Azzurri D & # 39; Italy"

Atalanta – Juventus 3: 0

Goals: Kastan 37, Zapata 39, 86

"Atalanta"Berisha, Palomino (Masiello 89), Toloy, Gimsiti, Hatebour, De Roon (Gosense 90 + 1), Freiler, Kastan, Ilicic (Pashalich 27), D. Sapata, Gomez

Juventus: Schensny, De Chillo, Rougani, Chiellini (Cancelu 27), Alex Sandro, Khedira (Pyanich 71), Bentankur, Matuidi, Dibala (Douglas Costa 62), Bernardeschi, Cristiano Ronaldo

Warnings: Dzhimsiti 43, Freuler 45 + 2, Hatebur 54 – Pyanich 79, Matyuidi 88

Despite 21 wins and two draws in the national tournaments, Juventus is far from impressive in terms of level of play. Let's say more directly – very disappointing. The last game against Lazio, by all accounts, was the worst of the season. How else can we evaluate all the time without a single blow on the goal, constant loss of the ball in the center of the field and failures in defense? It is true, here too, the efforts of those who replaced João Cancela and Federico Bernardeschi resulted in a victory. However, it has been felt that the cruel punishment for such a match is forthcoming. The best attack of Serie A (47 scored) with the league's second highest scorer (Duvan Zapata) and the second assistant (Alejandro Gomez) seemed to be an excellent candidate for the "hangman" role. Especially because of the seven games of the current season against the giants, "Atalanta" lost only one. Sam "Juve" in the league on December 26, barely blew his feet out of Bergamo. At this point, at least repeat the 2: 2 score failed.

He started the reporting game "Juventus" is almost the same as the game in Rome. Massimiliano Allegri called one of the reasons for poor performance on Sunday, the unsuccessful pass of the last defender Emre Can with his own defenders. One person who can do this – Miralem Pyanich – again did not get into the "start" because of the damage. Because "Atalanta" got the same as "Lazio". High pressure, constant picks, perepazovki without difficulty, numerous shots in the goal of 17-20 meters. The first 13 minutes, "La Dea" won the shots in the goal with a score of 6: 0. Among them can be noticed a head kick from Gimsey with a corner – the ball almost hit the beam. The feeling of déjà vu in those moments did not go away.

This time, "Juve" quickly fell into himself, took possession of the ball. Throughout the first half did not break the goal of the game, but at least it calmed down. "Atalanta," he replied, Schensny pulled another 17-meter Gomez blow out of the corner. However, in general, the teams that have already scored 90 goals in the league played very boring and slow. The spectators began to fall asleep. Then the muscles of Ilicic and Chiellini fell asleep, forced to leave the field. After them, he slept with Cancela. The substitute right-back was brought in the tie with the ball in the center, Kastan picked up the ball and opened the scoring with a blow from the same kicking area. Two minutes later, Zapata received the ball in the big area, turned the new defender De Chillo and the old man left Alex Sandro and accurately hit the nearest corner.

In the second half, Allegri's wings, remote after the second goal, had already attacked with diligence and speed. "Cruzes" and kicks to goal of the "zone of Castan" did not stop. The defenders and the goalkeeper were nervous and were not always eliminated with clarity. But in the end he ended up knocked out. The home team also went ahead, relieved the tension at the gate of Berisha, forced the defenders invited to block kicks from the penalty area. In the middle of the half and remained for "Atalanta". And in the 86th minute, De Chillo fell asleep, and the irresistible Zapata scored his 17th goal in the last ten games in all tournaments.

Juventus will have to postpone the dream of winning all the trophies in one season to the next. Fifth "Golden Double" in a row will not. And you just have to blame yourself. Long time, "Bianconeri" rested on the laurels of great results, not wanting to pay attention to the weak play. Even an epidemic of injuries, including the loss of leader Mandzhukich, leading the opponica Pyanicha (left only for replacement) and the two main defenders – Chiellini and Bonucci – is no excuse. And "Atalanta"? Gian Piero Gasperini's team fully deserved this success with phenomenal work over the last 2.5 years, the ability to lift youth, courage, focus on attack and the ability to produce results even in matches against giants. This club is an example for all average peasants who want to make history.

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