In Transcarpathia, a girl was saved by a fire of four children


In Transcarpathia, a girl was saved by a fire of four children

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Fire eliminated

When the fire began, there were no parents in the house. Five children were overseen by a relative who moved heavily because of illness.

An 11-year-old girl rescued her younger brothers and sisters from Kobyletska Polyana in the Transcarpathian region, and also sought help from her neighbors to help a relative who was moving too much because of her illness to leave a burning wood house . About this on Monday, November 26, the press service of the State Emergency Service reported.

According to the ministry, at the time of the fire there were five children and their relatives in the house. The parents that day left for the center of the district.

"At night, the oldest of the children, Sonia, 11, smelled the burnt smell that came from the room next door.When she opened the door, she realized that the wooden house was on fire. to evacuate his brothers and sisters through the window, "- said in a statement.

After all the youngest, the youngest just two years old, were safely in, the girl herself jumped into the fresh air. At that time the villagers had noticed the fire: some called the lifeguards, while others rushed to help the child. Sonya told the neighbors that her relative was still inside the house.

The children were taken to the local district hospital. The children did not need medical care.

Fire eliminated. The cause of the fire establishes law enforcement agencies.

Previously, it was reported that the girl who suffered during a fire at a camp in Odessa, rescued eight children.

It was also reported that in the Zhytomyr region, a 14-year-old girl saved three children during a fire.

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