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In SBU, Bakanov was given the rank of lieutenant for access to classified information – News


June 11, 5:03 PM

The presidential administration also told why a civilian was appointed to lead the special services.

Ivan Bakanov

Ivan Bakanov. Photo:

Formerly appointed deputy head of the Security Service of Ukraine Ivan Bakanov received the rank of lieutenant. As the president's press secretary, Yuliya Mendel, explained at the briefing, the officer's position is necessary for the intelligence officer to have access to confidential information.

According to her, the title of lieutenant itself gives absolutely no career preference, but it is necessary to work with access to important information.

"In fact, the rank of lieutenant gives absolutely no career preference. It is necessary for that person in police agencies to have access to important information, secret information." And that explains the rank of lieutenant. nor in his income (Ivan Bakanov – Ed.), nor in the growth of his career.He must have this classification to have access to the necessary information "Mendel said.

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But the deputy head of the presidential administration, Ruslan Ryaboshapka, noted that civil leaders have succeeded in many special services.

"And, perhaps, this experiment succeeds for us when a person is not of the system, which is not represented by dogmatic ideas about how the special service should work, and finally will be able to reform the special service"he emphasized.

Recently remembered President Vladimir Zelensky instructed the deputy head of the Ukrainian Security Service. The head of state met with Bakanov and outlined priorities in the work of the special services and demanded results in the near future.

We note that, in the last two weeks, the president has dismissed five heads of special services: Grigory Ostafiychuk, from the position of head of the SBU Main Research Department; Vitaly Malikov from the post of deputy chief of the special service and relieved him of his duties as head of the Counter-Terrorism Center under the Ukrainian Security Service; Oleg Valendyuk with the post of head of the SBU Main Board in Kiev and Kiev region; Viktor Ionasovich Kononenko as Vice-President of the Ukrainian Security Service; Bedriya Vasily Vasilyevich of the post of Head of the Directorate of the Security Service of Ukraine in the Rivne region. Today Zelensky dismissed the heads of the SBU in five regions and two deputies of Gritsak.

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