In Russia, the film on the Crimean bridge failed miserably: the occupants found the culprits – show business news – Russia – photo


Russian media accused the bots of the failure of film director Tigran Keosayan "Crimean Bridge. Made with Love," which was released on November 1 of this year.

According to the website Kinopoisk, the image was 2.6 in 10. The creators saw this as a trick of fake people and immediately the main Russian publications distributed materials with big headlines: "Bots Attack" Film Search "because from the film of Tigran Keosayan "" Rating of the film "Crimean Bridge. Made with love! "On" Kinopoisk "they knocked out the bots."

In response to this, the journalists decided to conduct their own investigation into whether counterfeits were really just bad marks in forgeries, reports in their "Manual" telegram.

In Russia, the film about the Crimean bridge failed miserably: the invaders found the culprits


After reviewing the 100 profiles from which the units were displayed, they came to the conclusion that only 22% of users can be called bots. At the same time, there were people who checked in 1 to 2 days before leaving a review, and those who had not been active for many years.

"If we subtract those votes from the overall standings," the paper writes, "the film will rarely reach 5 points out of 10." It should be noted that the director's annoying statements of the image simply do not match the reality.

There is no movie info yet for movie rentals. But the research speaks for itself. "In any case, a complete failure. The Russian people simply did not like this kind of pornography, which I can do," the journalists said.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, earlier Russian publications told why Ukrainian cyborgs are better than Russian cinema.


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