In Kiev, the bandits attacked the participants of the event as part of the March of Equality – Ukraine News


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According to one of the organizers of the event, the victims were minors.

Illustration / REUTERS

Illustration / REUTERS

Visitors to the cinema under the KyivPride, which took place on the premises of the "Isolation" cultural initiative platform, were attacked by young people in balaclava.

According to one of the victims during the attack, unknown people kicked people, filled them with pepper spray, swore, writes Gromadska.

"It was a frankly homophobic attack, they pushed me to the ground, they kicked me in the head, on my legs, my friends were killed with gas," said the victim.

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According to one of the organizers of the event, minors were among the victims.

She also said that "before entering, they saw people who were on duty and expected people to disperse." She added that they were no less than four athletic faces.

According to the information, the police and the ambulance arrived at the place.

As UNIAN reported, about 10,000 people are planning to attend this year's Equality March in Kiev.

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