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In England, prisoners who posted posthumous photos of Salah

Two British citizens were arrested for illegally handing out a post-mortem photograph of Argentine footballer Emiliano Saly. Reports on this Bbc.

Recall that in mid-February on Twitter pictures of the body of the deceased attacker were posted. The social network administration after a time excluded publication.

In this case, police arrested a 48-year resident of Korsham as well as a 62-year-old man from the town of Keln. They are suspected of unauthorized access to computer materials.

"So far there is no evidence that detainees have invaded the morgue or that one of their employees was involved in that offense," said a Wiltshire police spokesman.

Recall that just three months ago, Sala was killed avikatastrofe killed the footballer Emiliano. The player made a transfer from Nantes to Cardiff and was just going to a new club. A private jet crashed over the English Channel. At the bottom of the strait they later discovered the wreckage of the aircraft and the body of a football player.

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