I spent two months with the iPhone XR and I'm ready to answer what is better than the iPhone X


Do not be fooled if I say that one of the most popular questions coming to the editor is about choosing between iPhone X and iPhone XR. Older models, the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max, pass as they are smartphones from a different price segment, but the "ten" as people call it, and the XR for almost the same cost really make you think . More than two months have passed since I got the iPhone XR, so I was able to exploit all its advantages and disadvantages up and down. And most importantly – to answer the question of choice.

Pros iPhone XR

I will start immediately with trumps, more precisely, the main advantage of the iPhone XR. And this is a battery. Yes, because of the large size (which allowed to put a battery with good capacity) and IPS screen, the battery life of this smartphone is really impressive. With the active use for the day, I never managed to land the battery at least up to 20% (if you want, of course, you can), in the end, in the medium mode of use of the iPhone XR, I calmly "live" for two days. None of Apple's previous smartphones, including the iPhone XS and iPhone X (even the "plus" series), could have this battery life.

Another advantage of the iPhone XR is its display. If we leave out the big frames (which I've been using for about a week) and the absence of OLED, this is a good 6.1-inch screen that contains a lot of content. For responsiveness, it's not inferior to older models, but colors, of course, are not as saturated as those of the iPhone X. Someone says the OLED is "yellow," I've noticed it only once, and found more advantages to me , than disadvantages.

Conveniently, you can take pictures in portrait mode with a camera, but what's annoying is the software limitation that allows people to take pictures in that mode. This was made possible by the facial recognition system and artificial intelligence algorithms, which allow us to select people on the board to determine the background. In other cases, the inscription "people not found" appears on the screen, although the system can be fooled with the help of castings and human figures. Well, if you find a flaw, the camera lens collects dust and dirt around itself very well.

Many have said that the "fill" in the iPhone XR is identical to the iPhone XS (except the camera), so the smartphone works very fast, sometimes even smarter than the iPhone X, which is also in our editorial office. There is enough RAM, Face ID works very quickly, although sometimes while unlocking your smartphone, it shows a black screen that does not disappear until you press the shutdown button a few times. I get it on iOS 12, but who knows what the real reason is. Especially with the release of updates, the error does not disappear.

You also get used to the size of the iPhone XR – however, a bit more than the screen. At first it seems very large, so using it in a case is not an option if you want to use the device comfortably. The phone is a bit heavy (the glass on the back and the charging wireless give its own), but not the same, for example the iPhone 8 Plus, which weighs 202g, right there, "only" 194g .

Cons iPhone XR

In addition to what I mentioned above, for me the less XR iPhone was its side frame – it is made of aluminum, while the iPhone X and the "older" ones have a steel. Yes, the latter collects better the scratches, but is painfully similar to the appearance of steel in contrast to glass. Among our readers, there are many who argue for the structure of aluminum – it already exists, probably a matter of taste.

And you know, to me this is the only significant disadvantage of this smartphone. Yes, the picture is great. Yes, it's big and heavy, and the screen is not OLED. But you stop to notice the first two points very soon, the same applies to OLED, if you have never used before.

Which is better – iPhone X or iPhone XR

I wanted to answer that question unequivocally, but it will not work. The iPhone XR is a great smartphone, but with all its pros and cons, I would still choose the iPhone X. Still, 6.1 inches is a bit much for comfortable use (5.8 is enough) and you will not notice the performance difference with normal use. As soon as I started using the iPhone X with an OLED screen, it was hard to look at IPS. So, of course, I got used to it, but still the hand is reaching the top ten – the difference in color richness is too obvious.

In addition, the iPhone X can now be bought at good prices. Maybe this is already an outdated smartphone, but it will be relevant for at least a few more years.

Of course, this is my subjective opinion, inspired by two months of using the iPhone XR. What do you think? Let's discuss in the comments and our telegram chat.


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