Humble Bundle co-founders will retire after the most successful year


Humble Bundle co-founders Jeffrey Rosen and John Graham resigned as CEOs and operations managers. This marks the end of an era in the history of this digital platform, which they have been leading for more than a decade. However, this is also the beginning of a new era – they have been replaced by an experienced video game leader, Alan Patmore, who is already in charge of the daily operations of the Humble Bundle.

"Ten years have passed and now, after years, I think it's time for me to take the time– said Mr. Graham in an interview with – Business is going amazingly well: 2018 was the most successful year, and 2019 was marked by the best start in the company's history … But we found someone who is better than us to handle business development to new heights.

Lord Rosen added: "We're not leaving. We will still be here until the end of the year (mainly as consultants) and, hopefully, for a long time after that. But we are more likely to adapt to the management of start-up small businesses, and Humble Package became huge. For our benefit and for the benefit of Humble PackageI think Alan is going to do a great job. ".

Although Alan Patmore has not specifically managed the digital store, his industry experience is wide. He was recently product director of Kixeye, formerly head of Zynga, and before that he was vice president of product development at Double Fine. Due to the fact that the Humble Bundle is currently a publisher as well as a digital distribution platform with a wide range of business models, the new manager will clearly be in place.

"My experience in the area of ​​free and social games is actually quite applicable to a digital store like Humble., – says Mr. Patmor, who will serve as executive vice president and chief executive officer of the company. – There are many similarities in terms of process, development, economics and even ethics. In addition, my experience in the field of traditional games and publications works well for the editorial side of the company's business. "

Charity, as noted by the new leader, will continue to be one of the foundations of the Humble Bundle. Following the acquisition of the company by Ziff Davis in October 2017 (some believed that the agreement would hurt this side of the business), Humble became even more active in philanthropy. In 2018 alone, the company donated US $ 25 million and, in total, during its existence, US $ 146 million.

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