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Horoscope 2019: the jealous signs of the zodiac

The horoscope can tell the truth about our negative qualities, and jealousy often leads representatives of some Zodiac Signs to destructive acts and even revenge.

Astrologers have decided to find out which of the signs of the zodiac and to what extent it is subject to that feeling, writes


Self-confidence, characteristic of many representatives of this sign, is sometimes assumed. Aries is often torn by doubts for any reason, overwhelmed with emotion and love.

Vengeance: the jealous signs of the zodiac

The habit of building a partner on a pedestal creates unnecessary problems for everyone: the slightest suspicion (often from scratch) – and an enraged Aries is ready to take his beloved off the pedestal. Fortunately, those born under this sign are calmed down quickly. Embrace, reassure – and now Aries apologizes for his temperament.


Classics of the genre: In the first encounter, Cancer goes too far in his thoughts. It's not just about sex, but generally about plans for a relationship. Simply put, Cancer is in a hurry, which is fraught with additional strain.

This tension can grow and lead to a real catastrophe if the partner is not honest with Cancer. To avoid scenes with the crushing of dishes, throwing things out of the window and quarreling with the alleged opponent (or real), nothing can be hidden from Cancer.


Without correction, Scorpio, being the owner of the bone, will easily arrange for you to be watched if you suspect something. He can listen to your phone, call your girlfriend, so she can confirm that you actually went to her, and things like that.

Here we also added the Scorpion style to be jealous of your past relationships. I do not want problems in the future – keep your mouth shut and answer all the questions about the first one … Generally, think of something to avoid a dangerous subject.

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